eAussie is your one stop solution whether you are looking to renovate or refurnish or re-decorate your home, office or workspace. eAussie's smart products including 3D wall panels and 4D leather wall panels will give your walls a boost of life. The 3D wall panels and the 4D leather wall panels will enhance the look of a plain wall to a 3D or 4D wall in no time!



The product range includes:


3D wall panels

The 3d wall tiles are perfect for decorating home or office walls. The wall tiles also known as wall cladding are textured tiles. 3d wall tiles when put together form patterns giving a 3d effect. The pattern is formed the mosaic of the wall tiles. The wall cladding are also suitable for roofs and because they are light weight they can be fitted to existing walls/roof.


4D Leather wall panels

4D Leather Panels are much more practical than wall papers and much easier to install compared to ceramic or pressed paper. The 4D wall panels can be used in both residential and commercial projects. They will work great for Home Theatre and entertainment room decorations due to there soundproofing qualities.



Bubble Walls


Introducing our new product the breath taking "Bubble Walls". Taking feature walls to another level. This is a unique up market product. The individual wall panels are made of glass and are water filled. The pump fitted in the bottom of the walls blows pressure air which makes different patterns. It comes in RGB combination so you have the option to change hundreds of colours with a button click and this enhance the look of your theatre room/ living/ bedroom or office space and take it to another level.